Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let it begin...

I am not a good writer… and probably never will be. There are probably a number of errors in this post alone but that's okay. This isn't an entry into any literary contest, just a release, an attempt at a possible hobby, a voice… my voice. I simply want a place to update those who have an interest in my life about my life.

In one weeks time I got married and moved 2,408ish miles from Anacortes, WA to New York, NY. I am a transplant… I left behind my small town of 15,000 to live in The City of 8.3+ million! In leaving the Pacific Northwest (PNW). I moved away from my entire family to start my own adventure with my new bride and now "our" dog.
I wish that I had started this earlier as I am now approaching four months in NYC and so much has already happened! If the last four months are any indication, there will be plenty of stories to share in the future. I will share one however:

This Sunday, Feb. 2 will be a huge day! Not only will my Seahawks defeat the Broncos in the Super Bowl, it will be my first "official" day as the Pastor of Ministry and Assimilation at The Journey Church (! This is a huge adjustment and blessing in my life.

As I wrap up the triumphant first post, here is a list of things you can expect in future posts along with any wisdom I want to share:

Delicious Dishes,

Thanksgiving 2013!

Crazy Ryder Pics,

NYC Events/Scenes,

and Whatever/Whoever Catches My Eye.

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